What is a Notion Consultant?

Published on January 26, 2024

2020 changed the lives of many. For me, it was the year I became a Certified Notion Consultant, and the timing couldn't have been better. The world suddenly and almost instantly needed to be online, and many businesses were desperate for the help of a Notion Consultant. I became the 13th Certified Notion Consultant, created Notionology, and knew that this new career path would drastically change the direction of my life, and indeed it did.

Now, over three years later, I'm still unable to give a concise elevator pitch because a Notion Consultant can be so many things. Whether you are looking to hire or looking to become a Notion Consultant, this article will have you covered. So let's start from the beginning as I unravel the question, "What is a Notion Consultant?"

But first, what is Notion?

Notion is a versatile and dynamic productivity tool, assisting both individuals and businesses in organizing work, managing tasks, and streamlining workflows. It has become an essential resource in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

Interestingly, the previous sentence was drafted using Notion AI - another feature of this powerful and unique application. For businesses, Notion can serve as a one-stop solution for many processes, centralizing the team's collaborative efforts. Its strength lies in its remarkable flexibility. However, as the saying goes, "with great power comes great responsibility," and that's where a Notion Consultant comes in.

Who needs a Notion Consultant?

Every. Single. Organization.

Notion's power and flexibility can be both its greatest strength and its most overwhelming feature. As a new Notion user, it's easy to invest countless days in developing custom workspaces, losing sight of the tasks at hand. This is how many Notion Consultants are created (and who can blame them, it’s fun stuff!) However, if your goal is to increase efficiency, you’ll need a Notion Consultant. Many have already developed a range of productivity best practices and methods to build the systems your business requires. I've personally worked with over 50 clients across various industries and have been amazed at the unique organizations I've been able to assist, such as:

  • Major political parties
  • Artist collectives
  • Blockchain developers
  • Drop shippers
  • Property developers
  • Pharmaceutical trainers
  • High schools
  • Design Studios
  • and many more!

As an experienced consultant, I've observed that businesses that choose to work with Notion Consultants from the outset often have the highest success rates. It's more challenging to correct issues in an existing workspace than to build a new one from scratch. Starting fresh is often more cost effective for the client. Over the years, I've noticed the most successful implementations occur with organizations that:

  • Are already organized.Notion is just an app to support the systems and processes that should already be in place.
  • Have an understanding of Notion’s limitations and have completed (or wish to complete with the help of a Consultant) their own risk assessment.
  • Use it to collaborate effectively with limited restrictions across users.

What services do they offer?

A more accurate question might be, 'What doesn't a Notion Consultant offer?' Being a Notion Consultant involves more than just mastering the application; it requires a variety of skills, including change management and UX design among others. Notion identifies five major services that a Consultant can provide. However, it's worth noting that not all Consultants offer all services. Some choose to specialize in one or a few.

These services are:

Custom Templates. Templates are small, unique workspaces built to solve one type of problem, such as a Blogging Manager or Instagram Planner. Notion Consultants more often than not start off their career by building their own templates for sale on markets like Gumroad. Consultants can be outsourced by clients to build custom templates for the client’s needs and in many cases partake in a profit-sharing partnership. Custom template creation can vary but is almost always used as a specialized product to add to the client’s portfolio.

  1. Workspace Migration & Implementation. Workspace Migration & Implementation refers to two different yet significant services offered by a Notion Consultant. Workspace migration involves moving data, processes, and systems from an existing platform to Notion. This could entail transferring documents, databases, or workflows from other digital tools into Notion while ensuring the integrity of the data and functionality of the systems. On the other hand, workspace implementation involves setting up Notion for new users or organizations. This includes creating a workspace architecture that aligns with the client's needs, setting up various Notion features (like databases, pages, and templates), and integrating Notion with other tools if required. Both services aim to help clients transition smoothly to Notion and utilize its features effectively for their productivity and organizational needs.
  2. Workspace Audit. A Workspace Audit is another crucial service provided by a Notion Consultant. This involves a thorough examination and assessment of a client's existing Notion workspace. The consultant evaluates the structure, organization, and functionality of the workspace, identifying areas of inefficiency, redundancy, or confusion. They then provide recommendations for improvement, which could include restructuring databases, refining page layouts, simplifying navigation, or implementing new features. An audit can help ensure that the workspace aligns with the client's needs and goals, and is optimized for efficiency and ease of use. For aspiring Notion Consultants, the Workspace Audit template is just one of many tools included in the Notion Consultants Course.
  3. Workspace Automation. In the years since the release of the Notion API we have seen a burst in automation specialists, and rightfully so. Notion can and is an absolute beast when it comes to managing many business processes - but no app can do it all. That’s why integrating Notion with outside apps via the help of tools such as Make or Zapier are key skills for any Notion Consultant. The automations aren’t just external anymore either. Notion now has a variety of in-house automations to help streamline systems and save loads of time. This service can significantly enhance business processes managed through Notion and is often equated to a saving in time and therefore, money.
  4. Training. Providing training is an essential skill as a Notion Consultant and I am happy that years of experience in IT training helped prepare me for this aspect of Consultancy. Training needs should always be discussed when working with a Consultant and can be implemented almost immediately. Depending on an organization’s Notion experience, it can easily start with general Notion 101 facilitated within small to medium-sized groups. If a custom workspace is built, training for the new workspace can be delivered company-wide or within each team and always recorded. Bite-size training videos embedded throughout the workspace, as well as a dedicated Notion training hub, can ensure that new user onboarding is a seamless process. Training is a pivotal part of the Notion Consultant experience and Consultants should understand the importance of effective user adaptation through effective training.

Creator or Consultant?

ANotion Creator and a Notion Consultantserve different but complementary roles in the Notion ecosystem. A Notion Creator primarily focuses on building templates based on their own requirements or perceived market needs, which they then sell or distribute on platforms like Gumroad. These templates are typically designed to solve specific problems or streamline certain workflows, and are often created independently of a specific client's needs. These templates are typically priced between $1 and $50, and becoming a creator is often touted as a source of 'passive income'. However, successful creators understand that this role is far from passive. Creating, testing, and marketing templates requires as much effort as a Consultant role, without any guaranteed income.

With tens of thousands of templates available for sale, standing out as a Creator demands a unique selling point and exceptional marketing. Even then, the lack of effective measures against piracy means templates could easily be copied and sold by others. Additionally, providing customer support, responding to emails, and updating templates regularly proves that they aren’t the ‘passive dream’ they are being sold as.

On the other hand, a Notion Consultant provides a broader range of services that are tailored to the unique needs of each client. These services often encompass setting up and customizing Notion to align with the client's objectives, creating and implementing various automations to streamline processes, and providing consistent support and training to ensure the client can effectively utilize the tool. A Notion Consultant's work is often much more hands-on and client-focused compared to a Notion Template Creator.

Both Creators and Consultants must market themselves effectively, but Consultants are guaranteed a paycheck. On top of that, they can use their paid client work to help them build new templates for sale, which will offset the costs of creating each template.

Essential Skills for a Notion Consultant

  • Beyond mastering the application itself and acquiring a variety of skills, being a successful Notion Consultant also requires excellent communication skills. This includes the ability to clearly convey complex information to clients, as well as listening and understanding their needs.
  • Problem-solving skills are crucial, as Consultants often need to identify and resolve issues within a client's workspace or workflow. Patience and adaptability are also key since every client will have different requirements and the consultant may need to adjust their approach accordingly.
  • A good Notion Consultant should have a passion for continuous learning. As Notion is an ever-evolving tool, staying up-to-date with its latest features and functionalities is essential to provide the best possible service to clients.

Running a consultancy, whether as a freelancer or a digital agency, is a significant entrepreneurial undertaking. Mastering internal business processes, systems, and marketing is crucial to success. I've put together over 80 videos sharing all my knowledge on building a Notion Consultancy that generates $10,000 per month. My goal is to simplify the transition into Notion Consulting for those interested. For more information, visit notionconsultants.com.

What is the difference between a Notion Consultant and a Notion ‘Certified’ Consultant?

A Notion Consultant and a Notion Certified Consultant both offer services to help clients utilize the productivity tool Notion effectively. However, the key difference lies in the certification. A Notion Certified Consultant has been officially recognized by Notion for their expertise and skills in leveraging the tool. This certification serves as a testament to their knowledge and ability to provide high-quality consulting services. On the other hand, a Notion Consultant may or may not have this official recognition, but can still offer consulting services based on their personal experience and understanding of the tool.

At the time of writing this, there are just 66 Notion Consulting Partners (Certified Consultants) and over 30,000,000 users worldwide. Anyone can become a Notion Consultant and must do so in order to eventually get their Certification. If you are interested in learning how to become a Notion Certified Consultant, check out my free mini-course for more information.

Where can I find a Notion Consultant for hire?

There are a variety of hot spots for Notion Consultants throughout the internet and finding a Notion Consultant to fit your specific needs can be done through some of the following spaces:

  • The Notion Certified Consultants Directory- Certified by Notion, these are likely to be some of the most experienced Consultants. With this experience may come a higher price point and waitlist but you are guaranteed industry standard excellence.
  • The Notion Consultants Course Directory- A list of handpicked graduates from the Notion Consultants Course. These students have finished the only course on the market for Notion Consultants and have demonstrated a great understanding of the requirements necessary for becoming a successful Notion Consultant. They’re also some pretty great people and if you are looking to hire, I can highly recommend this as your first stop.
  • The Notion Consultants Facebook Group- Connecting clients with consultants from around the world. This is also a great hub for Notion help and support for free.
  • The Notion Consultants LinkedIn Group- Connecting clients with consultants from around the world. This is also a great hub for Notion help and support for free.
  • Notionology.com- The number one Notion Consultancy (according to me - because it’s mine).

How much does it cost to hire a Notion Consultant?

The answer to this can vary significantly based on a variety of factors including the services requested and the expertise of the Consultant. From an hourly perspective, hiring a novice Consultant is possible for as little as $30 USD/hour and more experienced Consultants upwards of $200 USD/hour.

Providing project or value-based pricing models is common with Notion Consulting and allows for the client to easily approve/reject proposals for work. Notion Consultants are an investment on par with website design and development. As with all things in life, investing in good quality ensures that you do it once and you do it right.

A Notion Consultant is a versatile professional equipped with the knowledge and skills to fully leverage the power of Notion. They help individuals and organizations transition to, optimize, and streamline their workflows using this dynamic productivity tool. With services ranging from workspace design and implementation to training and automation, Notion Consultants can transform the way you manage tasks and information. As the digital workspace continues to evolve, the role of a Notion Consultant becomes increasingly vital in navigating these changes and harnessing them for improved productivity and collaboration.

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