Six Signs You're Ready To Go Steady With Notion Consulting

Published on January 23, 2024

Have you been flirting with the idea of taking it to the next step with Notion? Thinking about transforming your casual use of Notion into a committed partnership? Go ahead and ask yourself, is Notion more than just a little fling? As the new year approaches, it’s time to reflect on what resonates with you and where you see yourself in the future.

But before you go ahead and put a ring on it (or in this case, a Notion Certified Consultant badge), let's make sure you're absolutely prepared. I've decoded the six unmistakable signs that indicate you're not just playing the field but are ready to step into the consulting arena and build a dream career as a Notion Consultant. So, buckle up as we navigate through the signs that will guide you from 'situationship' to 'consultanship' all while building a life you love along the way.

Sign Number One: You’re so over your current ‘commitment’

Are you caught in the Monday blues, dreading the start of another workweek? Perhaps you've been in a committed relationship with your current job for months, years, or even decades, and despite your efforts, it's just not clicking anymore. The hope that things would change with hard work or the next promotion has faded, leaving you with the persistent dread of Mondays.

In this era of change, the traditional career path of spending a lifetime with one company, climbing the hierarchical ladder, and retiring comfortably has evolved. It's not only acceptable but increasingly encouraged to move on from jobs that no longer align with your aspirations.

Instead of holding onto a source of discontent, consider embracing a new way of working. Leaving your current job doesn't just mark the end of an era; it's an opportunity to carry forward the lessons learned and gather a diverse set of skills and talents from various roles. This eclectic mix could be the catalyst you need to construct your own professional empire.

So, if you find yourself longing for a different path it might just be the sign that you're over your current commitment and ready to explore the exciting realm of Notion Consulting. And what better timing than a fresh start for the new year?

Sign Number Two: You feel a strong connection…. with the Notion Community

Are you feeling a pretty strong connection, not with someone else, but with the Notion Community? Have you found yourself binge-watching more hours of Marie Poulin and August Bradley than you care to admit to your friends? Is Red Gregory your go-to guru for all things Notion-related? If so, chances are, you've become exceptionally proficient with Notion – I mean, real good. And if there's ever a gap in your knowledge, you know there's a thriving online community where you can turn to these ‘friends’ for assistance. You can even turn tomy YouTube channel!

So, if you find yourself immersed in this supportive network of Notion enthusiasts, consider it a sign that you're not just a superuser but a potential consultant in the making. And, as we explore these signs together, be sure to widen the community and introduce yourself in the comments. After all, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting everyone, and I'm eager to connect with like-minded Notion enthusiasts on this exciting journey.

Sign Number Three: You’ve already crossed the line once or twice

You've already crossed the line once or twice, dipping your toes into the Notion Ambassador or various Certification waters. If you've found yourself venturing into these realms, it's a clear indicator of your commitment to all things Notion.

Let's break it down. The Notion Ambassador Program, a testament to your dedication, involves actively promoting and sharing your expertise on Notion. It's not just about using the tool; it's about advocating for its power and utility. By engaging with this program, you've shown that you're not just a user but an enthusiastic ambassador spreading the Notion gospel.

Now, onto the Notion Certified Program – the pinnacle of Notion proficiency. This program is a badge of honor, a recognition that you've not only embraced Notion but have mastered its intricacies. Achieving certification means you've proven your ability to navigate the platform with finesse and are ready to share your expertise with others.

If you're already navigating the terrain of these programs, consider it a significant step towards becoming a Notion Consultant. Your commitment to these initiatives showcases a passion for Notion that goes beyond the casual user. So, whether you're waving the flag as an ambassador or proudly wearing the badge of a certified expert, you're already on the path to establishing yourself as a Notion authority. These are great signs but by no means a pre-requisite.

Sign Number Four: You already spend all of your free time together

Here's my story. I came across Notion while preparing for my own product launch. Before I knew it, I was working after hours to perfect the ideal system that would guarantee the product's success. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, a travel product launching in 2020 was bound to face some challenges.

However, my career as a Notion Consultant took off with Notionology. Since 2020, I've assisted over 50 clients worldwide. Earning a living doing something you're naturally good at brings a unique sense of freedom and joy. Notion Consulting has proven to be a rewarding career, as I now get paid to create systems that change people’s lives and businesses.

Sign Number Five: It isn’t worth it to just ‘keep it on the side’

If you're creating templates as a 'side hustle', your next step in the progression would be to become a Consultant.

In the world of template creation, it's no secret that the game is becoming increasingly oversaturated, and the competition is only set to intensify. As if that weren't challenging enough, the struggle to find secure avenues to sell your templates without the constant threat of theft adds an additional layer of complexity – a dilemma I understand firsthand. It’s not just a bit of work either, from design, development, testing and LOADS of marketing, what was once a side hustle, turns into a full-time job with no guaranteed paycheck.

Having navigated these waters, I made a strategic decision not to double down on the template market. Instead, I opted to focus on a singular premium product: The Smart Studio Solution. It's not just about crafting templates; it's about curating a transformative solution that stands out in the crowd.

If you've been grappling with the limitations of keeping your template business on the side, it's time to reconsider your approach. The key isn't just churning out more templates in an oversaturated market; it's about strategically positioning yourself and your creations.

It's time to move beyond the limitations of the template rat race and carve out a niche where your expertise is truly valued. The best part? You can still create a premium offering that transcends the noise and showcases the value of your expertise when you become a Consultant.

Sign Number Six: You read this whole article

You wouldn’t have read this far if you didn’t already have a feeling inside you. By now, you may sense the answer lingering within.

Understand, readiness is not a fixed point; it's a journey. You may not feel fully prepared, but waiting for the "right time" is a myth. Embrace the uncertainty and recognize that every step you take brings you closer to realizing your dream career.

Feeling unsure about where to start this exciting journey? It's understandable, as there isn't much online content on how to become a Notion Consultant. However, I've been developing my course for the past two years. It started as a live cohort in 2021 and transitioned to a self-paced video journey in 2022. With over 150 graduates and 80+ custom videos, it covers EVERYTHING.

As you gear up for this transformative venture, let my experiences be your guide. Learn from the mistakes I encountered on my path. Before you take that leap into your dream career, ensure you're equipped with the knowledge to sidestep common pitfalls.

This is your moment – the moment to transform your Notion obsession into a full-fledged career, to turn passion into profession (and profit!) The journey awaits, and with the right mindset and resources, you're poised to thrive as a Notion Consultant.


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